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Floating surgical technique secures artificial iris

Artificial iris implantation may be a standalone procedure or combined with a procedure such as cataract surgery or corneal transplantation. http://www.healio.com/ophthalmology/cornea-external-disease/news/print/ocular-surgery-news/%7Bb5a3f19a-f30a-40ca-8909-92c7fa7945a4%7D/floating-surgical-technique-secures-artificial-iris Iris tissue loss due to trauma, iatrogenic cause, or congenital absence such as aniridia or coloboma can result in photophobia, loss of depth perception, contrast sensitivity degradation, glare, decreased visual acuity and multiplopia. In…

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A Father's Story

By DIANE TURNER-HURNS Journal & Topics Reporter http://www.journal-topics.com/news/article_b5a5157c-80bb-11e4-93a6-cb03d40a4df2.html Rosemont native Mark Pishotta just finished writing a book about his 10-year-old daughter Kadina who suffers from a rare disease. “I am determined to give a voice to my daughter with this book,” Pishotta said. “Through this book I explore her world. It serves as a therapeutic…

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