eSight eyewear

eSight eyewear is an innovative, wearable, electronic assistive technology designed specifically for people with low vision. It’s a high-tech eyewear device that enhances whatever the user is looking at to maximize the effectiveness of your remaining eyesight. eSight cannot fully restore sight, however, it can improve remaining sight. This can be life changing for many people with low acuity between 20/60 and 20/400. It is unfortunately not suitable for those with severe tunnel vision or advanced keratopathy of the cornea. The eyewear may help you shop independently, see items above or below eye level or recognize a friend in a crowd from a distance. It’s hands-free: where you turn your head is what is displayed; and it all happens in real time. You control the zoom and the contrast to make the best image for you.

eSight eyewear uses a high-resolution camera to capture what the user is looking at, and projects real-time onto two LED screens right in front of your eyes. The device has is customizable, prescriptions can be built right into the eyewear.

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Infant and Kids sunglasses- UV 400 rated

Sunglasses are not just a fashion fad.  They are essential in preventing eye damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Parents should make sure their children wear sunglasses - particularly when levels of UV radiation are at their highest between 10 am and 4 pm.  Good quality sunglasses are particularly important when the sun’s rays are intensified due to reflection, such as on the beach, in water and on snow.

NoZone sunglasses are rated UV 400, offering complete UVA and UVB protection.  All sunglasses utilize shatterproof plastic lenses in dark smoke tinting.  And every set of sunglasses comes complete with a free neoprene carrying pouch. Made in Canada

Dry Eye photo

Dry Eyes?

Chronic dry eye syndrome can happen to anyone, a result from the normal aging process, hormonal changes, exposure to certain environmental conditions, decreased blinking when using a computer or from overuse of medications like antihistamines, oral contraceptives, and antidepressants. Dry eye can also be symptomatic of general health problems, such as arthritis, or can result from too much UV exposure and environmental irritants. Aniridic patients are at a higher risk due to our many eye complications.   Dry eye occurs when your eyes stop producing enough tears or produce lesser quality tears in its chemical composition (oil: water ratio) which causes the tears to evaporate too quickly.

Chronic dry eye cannot be cured. The common signs and symptoms of dry eye include stinging, gritty, scratchy and uncomfortable eyes, fluctuating vision, and sometimes having a burning feeling or a feeling of something foreign within the eye. Some people experience tearing as a result of dry eye. This is a natural reflex of the eyes to create more tears to comfort the eye in response to dryness, but these excess tears do not have the correct composition.

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