Family gives back after support for vision-impaired toddler

Family gives back after support for vision-impaired toddler

DESPITE her positive, bubbly nature, Redbank Plains toddler Paisley Mananu has by no means had an easy start to life.

The two-year-old was born with aniridia and nystagmus – a genetic condition in which she suffers multiple vision problems.

Fortunately, she and her family have been greatly assisted by not-for-profit organisation Vision Australia.

Paisley’s mum, Kim, said the organisation had informed her and her husband Sani about their daughter’s condition and worked with them to help her.

“Paisley was born without irises, so she has a lack of depth perception and bright lights cause her pain.

“She always needs a hat and glasses to stop her eyes from hurting from the sun.”

Vision Australia provided the family with emotional, social and educational support and taught them how to best manage Paisley’s condition.

To show their gratitude, the family is throwing their support behind Vision Australia’s Light a Candle Christmas Appeal.

The annual appeal helps raise funds for kids who are blind or have low vision and runs alongside Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight.

Sani said after working with Vision Australia he had no doubts his daughter could do anything she wanted in life.

“We’re lucky, she has adjusted really well. She goes to a low vision school once a week for kids with eye conditions,” he said.

“As parents, we couldn’t encourage people more to donate to the Light a Candle Appeal.”

To light a virtual candle for Vision Australia visit

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